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Time For A Dog & Field Favourite! The HotterDog Fleece Jumper!

This Autumn Winter seen our dog coat collection get lots of great reviews and in our Facebook Group especially, we got to see lots of pictures with the coats being put to work.
This Season we added the HotterDog Fleece Jumper to the Collection and it was just as desirable with great reviews.
We have limited stock left due to such high demand, however please take a look and enjoy!

Covers the Torso Embracing the Chest, Belly and Front LegsExtends to the Base of the Tail Giving Maximum Warmth and Incredible Freedom of MovementWater-Repellent and Washable but Also Extremely Effective For Drying off Wet Dogs 

Field to Fork

There is nothing better than putting a meal on the table of the highest quality. We hate to hear about prime meat going to waste, so let us eat and enjoy!

Deer meat has been eaten for thousands of years and although once the preserve of the aristocracy it has recently seen a huge increase in popularity.  It’s plentiful, flavoursome and healthy, being low in fat and high in omega 3. Muntjac is Britain’s smallest deer. It has lean sweet meat with a very fine grain, more like lamb than venison, it also has a thick layer of fat over its back which adds to the flavour and keeps it moist. This dish also celebrates beetroots, perfect companions.

4 x 150g boned fillet of Muntjac
1 teaspoon coarse sea salt
20g salted butter
2 tablespoons heather honey
Juice of 1 lemon
8 baby red beetroots cleaned & roasted
100ml venison stock
Sprigs of chervil or other fresh herb

Method: Preheat the oven to 200⁰C (Fan 180⁰C).
Trim some fat off the venison fillets. Put the sea salt in an ovenproof frying p…

A Lead For Every Weather or Occasion

New Year and New Collections

It is never too cold for the dog to want a good walk. So this month I wanted to showcase our lead range. It is growing and proving to be a successful collection. We have the Leather Option here. Brilliant for when you are out in the tweed and want the dog in a quality product too. Team with their best waterproof jacket - perfect. 
Next theFigure of 8 nylon lead outstanding success rate and super customer reviews. Please look at it, especially if you are having problems with your dog pulling, you will not look back. 

Finally the Biothane Leads, durable and clean. They do not smell, which is always a bonus! With more and more great customer reviews - "These leads are absolutely brilliant. No more smelly rope leads in the bottom of the game bag - lightweight, easy to clean and waterproof - fantastic." 
We could not be happier and would love your opinion.
Please come on board and check out the collection and why not visit our Facebook Group and add your th…

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Here at Dog and Field we hope you enjoy the New Year in store. Let us have a joyous time. We have lots of new products coming into our collections and will keep you updated.
Also I will be out with my pack, making the most of the last of the season and training as always, so look out for these blogs too. 
Finally the winner in our Facebook Group competition was announced today. Please take a look and why not join the group! Take Care Colin.