A Good Day Out On My Retriever Training Day in Norfolk... 

September 28th, 2017

Bacon roll in hand and we were off to Hargham Shoot Retriever Training. It was a slightly wet start, however by the end of the day the sun was shining and Snipe and I had had a fantastic day.

We started with walked up partridge in the sugar beet. Never easy, with the noise of the beet whistling in Snipe's ears, however I was confident he would get his head down and I am pleased to say he did. I was chuffed.

His first 3 retrieves were clean and for a 14 month old dog and only his 2nd time out on game, for me, he was going well.

Then we had a slight wobble on his 4th retrieve when I had to call him back as he took the wrong line (or I sent him on the wrong path, I am never afraid to say its the handler and the dog on the training day, remember). So We realigned and off we went again, this time, mission accomplished! The retrieve was a success and it was time for lunch. Happy Days!

After lunch we finished on a duck drive. Snipe picked his 1st duck on a straight-forward 40 yard retrieve, big grins all round and an extra fuss for Snipe.

Then we had a set up memory retrieve over a ditch. Again, never easy, and certainly called up all my evening training sessions. I made sure my commands were clear so Snipe would be successful and finish on a positive! I think Snipe's grin says it all...

It was a great day. Thank you for looking after us so well Hargham Shoot, we will be back!


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