Just having fun with it…

With the lighter nights starting this weekend, remember folks we spring forward an hour Saturday evening, we cannot wait to get out training with the dogs!

We have already been doing some heel work with our 9-month-old yellow lab and are so pleased to say we have her heeling beside us around the garden. This is what we did:
  • ·        Wrap the lead round your pups neck a few times and tuck it in its self
  • ·        This means if the pup runs off you have something to grab
  • ·        Also, the dog is getting used to having its lead on all the time and ‘having fun’
  • ·        With a little treat at the knee bring it around the garden at heel
  • ·        Keep bringing the treat to your eye to see if you have the dog’s full attention and then carry on
  • ·        We will tell you why this is key later in our thought process 
  • ·        Not working? Relax take the lead and do it holding the lead

However, for now, have fun, see if you can get the pup to follow you round, with a Field Trial Pro Slip Lead (very light, a great pup lead) or with your own personal choice of lead wrapped around its neck and with a little treat at the knee, follow you round the garden in a circle.

Then to finish, unwrap the lead, make the pup sit at you side, at heel, bring the treat to you eye, give the lead a little pull and finish by giving the pup the treat.
Lovely job. A nice start with the lighter nights coming in and getting our pooches back out. 
Happy Days! Colin


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